6 Key Steps to Ensure a Successful Estate Sale

An estate sale isn’t always a sign that someone has passed away; it may also be a good way to downsize. Whether it’s a family moving or a senior relocating into a retirement community, we can help. Consider it as an over-the-top garage sale!

Begin With Inventory

It’s critical to conduct a thorough walk-through of your home and make a list of everything you’ll be selling, as well as stuff you won’t. After you’ve made a list, divide it into groups per room and keep track of the state of each item on a scale of poor to new. This will save you time and make determining prices and where goods will go during the sale much easier.

Items To Repair and Clean

The majority of your things will be sold as-is, although a little polishing or superglue can go a long way when possible. Items that are thought “unsellable” might become valuable.

This phase will require some studying. Look up each item online to see what similar products are selling for to get a decent estimate of its fair market worth. You might also take some of your stuff to an antique shop to obtain some ideas. Keep in mind that the majority of estate shoppers are seeking for a bargain. If you’re stuck between two reasonable pricing points, it’s not a bad idea to choose the higher of the two — most people will try to negotiate you down no matter what you price items at.

Mark Items That Are NOT for Sale

Put a large “Not For Sale” sign on anything that isn’t for sale to avoid any confusion. There will always be one brave bargain hunter who believes they can persuade you to sell anything you don’t want to sell, but for the most part, it should prevent the vast majority. Another option is to just store products that aren’t for sale in a separate room.

Seek Assistance

You can hold an estate sale on your own, but it will be much easier and more efficient if you get help! You’ll require assistance with a variety of tasks, including paying out customers and assisting them with loading bulky products into their vehicles. Try to have a few individuals on hand to avoid being pulled in too many directions.

Be Prepared for Leftovers

You can bet that not everything will sell. With that in mind, make sure to call ahead and ask about your local donation centers’ regulations on significant donations. If you have a lot of stuff leftover, you might be able to have a truck come pick them up or have someone transport them to a drop-off location. Do not leave large amounts of garage trash on your curb without first obtaining permission from your cities waste management department.

You can absolutely do all of the above on your own, but if you’re short on time or easily overwhelmed, it might be worth your time to hire a professional at Senior Transitions. This is especially important if you’re assisting your loved one alone with the transition. For more information on our services call 248-983-4500 today!


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